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Here at Ned’s we all kinds of metal building kits. We can also help you design custom buildings, barns, stalls, and carports.  You dream it up and we can help you with the design and material to put it up!  Just get an idea of the size you want and give us a call.  Any of us will be happy to help you as best we can!

Quick quote building sizes
(lean-to) style buildings are not priced with a stamped plan.

20’x20’x10′  (lean-to)                                               30’x40’x12′ (truss)

24’x24’x10′ (lean-to)                                                40’x40’x12′ (truss)

24’x30’x10′ (truss)                                                    40’x60’x12′ (truss)

30’x30’x10′ (truss)                                                    40’x80’x12′ (truss)

Quick Quote buildings are priced with colored walls and galvalume roof. Truss style building price will include stamped plan.  Prices do not include: insulation, windows, doors, cement or any type of construction.
Insulation and doors available, please ask for pricing.  Stamped plans for any size and style of buildings can be provided upon request.

U-panel Schematic

U-Panel Schematic

Stock Colors















We do our best to keep all these colors in stock, including our best seller galvalume.  Stock sizes in colored panels :5 foot, 6′ through 22′ in two foot increments, and  30′.  Stock sizes in galvalume panels: 5 foot, 6 through 32′.  Cut to Length: We charge up to the foot and can cut you’re order to length, up to the inch for no extra charge.